Continue building a career on a full-time basis in which I am a strategic partner entrusted with producing creative solutions that drive business results and meet objectives





EuroHavasRizkgroupITBWARizkgroup: In Sudan: responsible for two main accounts (CTC and JTI), while also attracting and pitching for potential clients. In Afghanistan: Senior Art Directorof the primary account, MTNAfghanistan, and alsoresponsible for creative strategy, production and client servicing for UNICEF,Waseela,AziziBankandQatarAirways.For both: Managing acreative departmentwith2local copywriters, directingallcampaigns andcreativecopywriting.Presentingconvincing communication plans to clients.Finalizingprojects in termsofproductionlay-out, photo-shootsanddirectingTVcommercials.Following up with productionbudgets.In addition, often take role as office IT manager based on solid knowledge of software and hardware.



Worked onRotana andAIMaraaiaccountsdevelopingandexecuting concepts.Handled fullfletchcreativecampaigns, developed and deliveredpresentations toclients.Managedgraphicdesignersin order tofinalizecampaignsand ensure timely delivery of projects.



WorkedonMobily.RiyadhBankandAbottaccounts,conceptualizingandexecutingfull fletchcreative campaigns. Developed and deliveredcreative presentationsto the clients. Instructedgraphicdesignerstofinalizecampaignsandalways metduedates.



WorkedmainlyonSaudiTelecomSTC account, and HSBCBank as agraphicdesigner. Promoted to Junior Art Director during the contract. Conceptualized and developed creativecampaigns, brainstormingandnewideasforafullcommunicationstrategy. Developed branding and imaging for new corporate identities.



Managedthepre-printing departmentand assistedtheProductionManagerwithallprinting andinstallationmaterials.Developed a strongknowledgeofdisplaymaterials, and solid client service skills while selling and installing design materials.



Startedasagraphic designerIMac operatortobecomemanagerofthepre-press departmentandclientservicing. Followed up on daily basic needs of clients, and helped establish a new branch for the company by networking and setting up printing machines. Began professional development by being exposed to the different areas of printing and graphic design, including: installation, pre-press, client service, IT, business administration and development, and public relations. 



Unilever - MBC - AIArabiya - Jaffali - HSBC(SABB) - STC(SaudiTelecom) - SacoWorld - Tanmiyat - SAGIA - Shell - Nokia - Mobily  - Abott  - Riyadh Bank - AIMarai - Rotana  - Renault - MTN - Kabul bank  - Unicef - Qatar Airways.




•Masters of Fine Art in Advertising - Academy of art University of San Francisco USA (In progress).

•BA Graphic Design - Business&Computer University College(BCU) - Lebanon. (Graduated)

•Bachelor of Mathematics



•8 days Craft Skills_Dubai.

•2 days RogenSi  presentation skills training _ KSA Riyadh.

•Advanced courses in Adobe Software.


Computer Skills

•Very good knowledge in all windows and apple operating systems {Computers software and hardware).

•Excellent knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign.

•Acceptable Knowledge in Final Cut Pro, Adobe after effects, Adobe Flash iMovie, 3dMax.



•Shortlist - Dubai Lynx - Speech Bubble print ad-Concept - ArtDirection.



Speak, read and write English, Arabic, and French.



Electronics - Swimming - Rock music - Guitar  - Basketball  - Reading  - writing-Photography - Snowboarding.

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