Born in Beirut in the early stages of the Lebanese civil war, Majed Dagher learned from an early age the value of creativity and adaptability. His passion for mathematics and physics throughout his school years led him to study telecommunications engineering at university. At the same time, he cultivated his enthusiasm for art and design by working as a freelancer in order to pay for his studies, and financially support his family.
Facing financial difficulties, and searching for a potential long-term career, Majed found a full time job as a graphic designer and operator at a printing company. Relying on mostly self-taught software experience and his natural curiosity, Majed quickly earned a reputation as a computer expert. At the same time, he decided to switch the focus of his studies to graphic design in order to perfect his technical skills and excel at his new profession.
After his graduation from BCU, Majed was hired as a graphic designer in the multinational advertising agency, JWT. Putting his well-earned skills to good use, he quickly established himself as a creative, reliable, and dedicated junior art director. Drawing on his unique background and expertise, Majed worked with clients primarily from telecommunications companies, including STC, Mobily and MTN. Seizing opportunities to work on diverse accounts such as Unilever, MBC, LG, and HSBC, Majed broadened his strategic advertising skills, while working in a variety of difficult environments, becoming proficient at developing and executing dynamic communication concepts and campaigns. Under his leadership, brand recognition for MTN Afghanistan increased by 60% in only one year.
Today, Majed is the Operation Manager and Creative Director for the Khartoum branch of Rizk Advertising/Euro Havas and manages campaigns for clients as varied as JTI, and CTC/LG. At the same time, he is pursuing an online Masters degree in Advertising with the Academy of Art University of San Francisco (AAU). Majed is committed to exceeding his clients’ expectations by providing them with specifically tailored concepts and campaigns designed for this challenging market. He is constantly striving to find new and exciting opportunities to push his work to the highest level of excellence.

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